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That’s Albert Mohler’s take on Jennifer Senior’s New York Magazine article,  The Abortion Distortion -- Just How Pro-choice is America, Really? (Nov 29, 2009).

An excerpt from Mohler’s piece:

By any measure, Jennifer Senior has written one of the most honest, revealing, insightful, and important articles on abortion to appear in recent history. At the same time, it is one of the most troubling.  Once again, we are reminded that the American conscience is not settled on the issue of abortion. We should be thankful that recent events and cultural developments — aided and abetted by technology — have made a real difference, helping and forcing Americans to understand that abortion is the killing of a human life.

In a very real sense, we should be thankful that the American conscience remains unsettled on this issue. A good and honest conversation about the reality of abortion is one of the best means of serving the cause of life. Jennifer Senior’s honest article can serve as an incredibly potent catalyst for such a conversation.

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5 thoughts on “Mohler: Perhaps the Most Important Article on Abortion in Recent History”

  1. I so appreciate you and Mr. Mohler being available vessels of our King Jesus to work through you to educate people about the evil of abortion! Thank you so much brother.

  2. Matthaeus Flexibilis says:

    Here’s a link to the normal version of the article. The printer version linked above has all sorts of screwy characters for punctuation on my computer, but perhaps I just don’t have the right fonts installed or something.

  3. Brian Current says:

    The encouraging part, as Mohler points out, is to see the *opportunity* in this article and in the statistics it mentions.

    The author admits that images and ultrasound technology have made an impact. Many pro-life groups have been preaching for years that pictures are often more powerful than words.

    And, the fact that only 22% of the people think that abortion should always be legal and 23% illegal, means that we have an opportunity to persuade the other 55%.

    We should all become equipped to persuade our friends and family on this issue!

    for that, i’ve personally found these 3 sites the most helpful: (& the book)

  4. Ahshuwah Hawthorne says:

    John Piper Twittered a while back on Maafa 21 is probably the most disturbing and powerful documentary I have ever seen, documenting the history of eugenics and black genocide in America leading up to the creation of Planned Parenthood.

  5. Jamie says:

    Thank you for posting this article on your blog. Living in Wichita, Kansas I would have never come across this article. I volunteer each week at a Pregnancy Crisis Center. As a counselor I am a witness to the front lines, so to say, of these women who are facing unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. What I am seeing more and more are women coming to us who have had past abortions stating they will never choose that path again. They are emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically (abortion is a very painful surgical procedure) traumatized. They know in their hearts without anyone having to tell them that abortion is the killing of another soul. These centers offer hope and support to enable these women to choose life – life for their baby and also the message of eternal life through the atoning work of Christ. Pray for, be involved with and learn more about the pregnancy crisis center in your hometown. It is worth investing your time and money into.

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