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5 thoughts on “R.C. Sproul: Advice on Preparing for Gospel Ministry”

  1. Perhaps the best piece of advice I was given in answer to this question, only just a short time ago, was: you may be unsure of your call to ministry, but you can be positive of your call to holiness. Spurgeon’s first chapter in Lectures is invaluable: The Minister’s Self Watch. The Pastor himself is his own tool. A carpenter sharpens his tools for ready use. An aspiring elder must see that he is ready to use by seeking Christ for personal holiness.

  2. John Pesebre says:

    RC is always heart warming. Thanks Justin.

  3. Bert says:

    About five years ago as I was contemplating “full-time ministry” I met with my pastor, an older man at the end of his ministry (he died just a year later). I asked him at the end “What’s the best piece of advice you can give me?” Dave leaned over his desk, looked me right in the eye — and I’m thinking, This is it! He’s about to give me the goods on ministry success! — and he said, “Spend time with God every day.” That’s it. Best counsel I’ve ever received, hands down.

  4. Paul C says:

    Very good, and practical video. Especially hitting on the aspect of programs and steps to success. The other day, I re-read an article by David Wilkerson called “The Dangers of the Gospel of Accommodation” (

    Very relevant, especially in a day-and-age like today.

    I was reading Murray M’Cheyne’s memoirs yesterday and highlighted this (more for myself than anything):

    “I have been too anxious to do great things. The lust of praise has ever been my besetting sin; and what more befitting school could be found for me than that of suffering alone, away from the eye and ear of man.”

    He also said this:

    “Preached twice at Larbert, on the righteousness of God, Rom i:16. In the morning was more engaged in preparing the head than the heart. This has been frequently my error, and I have always felt the evil of it, especially in prayer. Reform it, then, O Lord.”

  5. donsands says:

    I like when Rc said, “The power is in the Gospel, that’s where God put the power.”

    I wonder how many pastors really believe this?

    Solid words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing this video.

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