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3 thoughts on “New Video from Matt Chandler”

  1. Loren Eaton says:

    It’s been really hard for me to follow the news regarding Matt’s prognosis and treatment. My father died 11 days ago after a nearly six-year-long battle with a glioblastoma. God’s grace was very much with him; median survival rates are around 18 months. But I remember when he was at the same point as Matt. I remember what came after. Matt will need much prayer and sensitive support, because even the best-case senarios are really, really tough.

  2. Tony Romano says:

    I live in Ohio and have never met Matt Chandler or been to his church. So, I don’t pretend to know him or pretend that I am feeling what he and his family and his church must be feeling right now. But, I find this really heart-breaking.

    I love the sovereignty of God; I believe in it with all my heart; it is a rock of comfort that our God not only allows but ordains all things. Blessed be His holy, perfect, and good Name. Praise Him for His Son, Jesus, and the eternal life that He grants to all who call upon Him. Praise God.

    This is just heart-breaking to me. I have benefited so very much from Matt’s ministry. I’ve listened to literally almost every message he has preached that is on the internet, wherever I can find them, at speaking engagements, and his weekly ones to his flock. I just don’t want him to have cancer. I don’t want him to go yet. He has been kind of like a pastor to me, even though he doesn’t know me and I don’t know him (I know the eccelesiological issues there, just relax; he’s not literally my pastor).

    I understand and believe that God works all things for the good of those that love Him and are the called according to His purpose. This is just really sad. I feel sad for his wife and children, and for his church. I will be praying that God heal him. That will be the direction of my prayers, that in His will, He will heal him. And if not, that God will give unspeakable peace to him and his family. I have a wife; we are 34 and 31 with three girls ages 5 and under. I don’t know how I would handle this. So, I just wanted to offer another dose of encouragement to everyone to please pray for him and his family and their church.

    I hate death and I hate the curse. May God give us peace until we come home.

  3. Victor says:

    I Love Matt, his sermons have encouraged me greatly. I especially love how serious Matt is in this video, sometimes I think he can get caught up with his sense of humor too much, especially from the pulpit in his sermons. May the Lord Bless you Matt and return you to your pulpit promptly.

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