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Smart thoughts here by Trevin Wax on the current state of the blogosphere. It’s organized under five headings:

  1. The Slow Death of a Large Number of Blogs
  2. The Turn to Other Social Media for Connection
  3. The Solidifying Reading Patterns of Blog Readers
  4. The Difficulty of Beginning a Successful Blog without an Already-Existing Platform
  5. The Building of Blog Congregations at the Expense of Blog Conversation

HT: James Kinnard

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3 thoughts on “The State of the Blogosphere”

  1. Ben says:

    There are so many blogs these days! Trevin Wax does a great job on this article providing some great thoughts. I really liked his two points about the difficulty of beginning a successful blog and the building of blog congregations. Great article and insight!

  2. Rachael Starke says:

    “Blogs create people who agree – whether they be Reformed, Emerging, Republican, or converted Catholics. You find a niche, write for that niche, and then get pats on the back from the readers who enjoy your writing.

    That’s worth some thinkin’.

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