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9 thoughts on “If You Want to Help Save Lives from Abortion”

  1. Rae Whitlock says:

    Thanks for posting this, JT.

    Rae Whitlock
    Community Manager
    Heartbeat Int’l

  2. Ann says:

    How heartbreaking…
    so many souls lost to ignorance, cultural acceptance, & the prey of abortion clinics.
    God forgive us!

  3. Have mercy! It’s like a corner dedicated to Molech. How terrible!

  4. donsands says:

    I pray that the Lord would grant that this place for rent would become a pregnacy center. Amen.

    We have pregnancy centers here in Maryland, and most of the churches in the Baltimore area will take up collections to support our center. They have Baby Bottle Drives, which seem to help people give. It is worth it.

    [Baby Bottle Campaign
    We distribute and then collect baby bottles filled with change throughout the year for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, Mother’s and Father’s Days, Easter, or any special time of the year you deem appropriate. Over the years we have had great support from churches, businesses, and schools. Call to reserve your baby bottles to help provide for the needs of our clients.]

    Thought this may help give some ideas, if you need some ideas that is.

  5. CT says:

    “so many souls lost to ignorance, cultural acceptance, & the prey of abortion clinics”

    Ann, which souls do you suppose are being lost? Some of us believe that an unborn fetus does not deserve eternal damnation, and that God therefore wouldn’t damn the aborted.

  6. Mike Garner says:


    Everyone knows your opinion on this topic. Can you please just drop it. This isn’t the place. You’re not even refuting something that Ann actually said, just picking a word she used to harp on one of your many pet-topics.

  7. CT says:

    Often it’s the slight turns of phrases that people use that reveal deeper, more systematic, and more consequential errors. In the issue at hand, what’s at stake is whether the particular believer can consistently maintain that he/she opposes abortion for the sake of the unborn. It’s quite obvious that most Evangelical pro-lifers cannot say with consistency that they are acting on behalf of the innocent.

    The more practical issue at hand is this: we may be caught in high-stakes dilemma: should we “save lives from abortion” even though this means the damnation of many of those souls?

  8. And some of us believe that an unborn child does deserve eternal damnation, and that God nonetheless doesn’t damn the aborted.

    1. CT says:

      Mr. Stables,

      If, as you say, God doesn’t damn the aborted, but God does damn many of the non-aborted, then have you ever considered that abortion might be in the fetus’ best interest? Is there anything in this life for which it is worth risking eternal separation from God and everlasting suffering?

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