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I’ve been in touch with the folks from Cornerstone Community Church, and the videos are being pulled until their accuracy can be verified.

The question is not, as one commenter thought, about whether or not we doubt that severe persecution is occurring in India or in other parts of the world. The question is whether or not the footage in these videos is depicting Christians being persecuted for their faith. If it’s not, we don’t want to show it, as doing so knowingly would be both misleading and manipulative.

I apologize for my contribution to any confusion. I hope this doesn’t distract from the fact that such persecution is real and terrible, requiring prayers for our brothers and sisters. Again, I commend to you The Voice of the Martyrs for ways to get involved and informed.

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27 thoughts on “Video on Persecution of Christians”

  1. EJH says:

    I was wondering what happened. Thanks for following up.

  2. Darius says:

    I wondered when I first saw them if they had been verified as actual persecution of Christians. I’ll caveat them on my blog until I hear an update otherwise.

  3. Reg Schofield says:

    Thanks for the prompt removal . It still shows how depraved we are as sinful human beings but if its not for the sake of their faith , they are not martyrs . However we should be just as sickened by the barbarity and pray for this region that the gospel would preached , people would repent and believe in Jesus .

    1. sean leroy says:

      good point.

  4. Ray Ortlund says:

    This illustrates why we trust you, Justin.

  5. sean leroy says:

    thanks Justin, for being on the up and up…

  6. J.R. says:

    Amen, thank you JT. Your labors are much appreciated!

  7. Jeff says:

    Thanks, Justin, for the great work you do in equipping God’s people.

  8. Steve Skinner says:

    “I hope this doesn’t distract from the fact that such persecution is real and terrible, requiring prayers for our brothers and sisters.” Since viewing this, my prayer has been that God would bless the survivors, regardless of what the circumstances were. However, lets not forget that to be persecuted for the faith is a great privilege, and should lead us to rejoice in the Lord. Perhaps we are too insulated in our culture to consider such to be the case. I know I am!

  9. thomas says:

    Justin, would you please respond if you do or do not get a confirmation on this video from India? Please email me at


  10. Paul C says:

    Steve Skinner – good point. We are too insulated and in many cases are being lulled to sleep (if we’re not sleeping already) to the reality of the cross, the true power of Christ, but also the fellowship of His suffering.

  11. Jared T says:

    I wondered the same thing about the legitimacy of these videos. However, my wondering in no way undermines the reality that persecution of Christians such as this exists.

  12. Sam Harrell says:

    In the ripple effect that this posting had, it highlighted something unrelated to the contextual details of the video. Luke and Paul describe this kind of persecution. When we read our bibles, it is way too easy to gloss over the stories of persecution and tribulation. With this video we have some context to what that might really be like. Even if the context of the videos is off… we can now feel it.

  13. Brendan says:

    Remember people, even if this specific video is not showing Christians being persecuted, this same kind of brutality (and far worse) is being committed against our brothers and sisters every day.

  14. Thanks for the quick follow up on this!

  15. Aaron says:

    I watched a news clip that claimed that the beatings came as a result of someone killing a Hindu spiritual leader. The Christians were the ones blamed. I hope they are not responsible.

    1. If we are thinking of the same story, then the perpetrators were Marxists.

  16. Jeremy Nehf says:

    I think I tracked down the original video. At the beginning of the video it said “attack on tea labourers” I message you tube poster and am waiting to hear back.

    Don’t know if this helps, but here is what I found.

    1. n sansula says:

      This video is of the incident that happened in Guwahati city in the province of Assam, India on 24th Nov. 2007. This incident was horrific and disgrace for a civilized society.

      1. Jeremy Nehf says:

        N sansula- I would love to know how you know this. That is the whole point of why they have removed the videos. Could you please post whatever information you have? Thank you.

        1. N Sansula says:

          Here is another link of a national print media that reported the incident.


          1. Jeremy Nehf says:

            Tank you so much for the article. It was helpful to see the information first hand. God bless. -J

  17. Brent says:

    I appreciate your desire for integrity concerning the video. I found that it was the prespective — concerning who I see as heroic and who I will try to immulate — that was most needed.

  18. Rick Weiss says:

    I may be wrong here but it seems to me that people are being killed and that no matter what the circumstances, Prayer is needed, even if they are criminals being killed, prayers are needed.

    Especially India there caste system makes Iran look good. Hinduism is onr of the most violent religions on earth.

  19. Steve says:

    I came across the Cornerstone video on YouTube ( and also your post. Is your post referring to this video? Any word on is validity?

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