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7 thoughts on “Important Questions to Ask a Prospective Pastor”

  1. These kinds of things are so helpful. Thanks JT.

  2. John says:

    Number 2, the man’s disposition toward his wife and children, is a good one.

  3. Clarification; is #2 the pastor’s disposition toward his wife and kids, or is it the actual disposition of his wife and kids?

    Both would be good to ask, and would reveal different things about the family’s dynamics

  4. As I near completing my M.Div. and once again entering pastoral ministry, these questions are great in helping to clarify one’s call. I would also recommend Joseph Umidi’s “Confirming the Pastoral Call”

  5. pduggie says:

    Are you a drunkard and are you a striker are also important ones.

    Even if he lies, you did due diligence in asking, and thats important.

    Its probably a good idea to find some less abrupt ways at getting at those two issues, but the topics NEED to be broached.

  6. David Axberg says:

    “Though I have never served on a search committee, and have never been interviewed for a call, this is such an outstanding question that I wanted to take a crack at it. I suspect that in most churches the gap between the actual questions and the best questions would go a long way to explain the particular weakness of the particular church. The questions we ask reveal our hearts just as much as the answers reveal the heart of the potential pastor.” This is not to be heard to say that R.C. has not been a pastor/elder, but I believe knew the congregation he served before his calling was confirmed. I wish we had more men being raised in the church family as elders to fulfil the positions instead of having to go through search committees and resumes.

  7. Snider says:

    Question 11. Do you prefer single malts or blends?

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