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3 thoughts on “Idols on Sunday Morning”

  1. I know it’s going to sound like heresy to a lot of people, but could (or should) preaching be on that list, too? There are a lot of people who think worship hasn’t been reformed nearly radically enough, and that preaching can distract us from the more biblical emphasis on every-member ministry. I’m not sure I agree, or that it’s a clear cut either/or proposition, but it does raise the question of whether or not preaching itself might be a Sunday morning idol.

  2. Dan says:

    Barry – sure, I would agree with you about preaching, and including preaching styles. I do believe that preaching is central but we can get into a preaching style idolatry, criticize the subject matter, the pastor’s style of preaching, and many more things. I myself am guilty at times of wanting to skip past everything else to get to the sermon. Anyway, thanks to Justin for reposting this.

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