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Albert Mohler echoes my thoughts and approach exactly (though more eloquently):

I have refrained from extended comment on the health care reform bills--not because I do not have multiple concerns about the bills, but because I recognize that committed Christians can and will disagree over the political and policy issues involved. The trip-wire for me is the issue of human life. The current bill spells disaster when it comes to abortion. I cannot remain silent in this crucial moment where the sanctity of human life is at stake.

Read his whole commentary, where he quotes Charmaine Yoest, president of Americans United for Life, who argues that the bill represents “the single greatest expansion of abortion since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.”

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4 thoughts on “Health Care and Abortion”

  1. Truth Unites... and Divides says:

    Mohler: “The trip-wire for me is the issue of human life. The current bill spells disaster when it comes to abortion. I cannot remain silent in this crucial moment where the sanctity of human life is at stake.”

    Who’s for the health-care bill? Ans. By and large, Democrats.

    Who’s against the health-care bill? Ans. By and large, Republicans.

    Who’s pro-abortion? By and large, Democrats.
    Who’s pro-life? By and large, Republicans.

    Which party has somewhat of a chance to stop the Democrat juggernaut? Republicans.

    As someone who often says a pox on both your houses, but has to choose the lesser of two bad options (i.e., held his nose to vote for RINO McCain), the severe badness of the Democrats leaves me (and many others) no choice but to vote for Republicans.

  2. Reg Schofield says:

    While I agree that having tax dollars used to fund abortion is sickening ,its my understanding Planned Parenthood already receives large amounts of Government funding. The abortion battle will not be won ,in my opinion, in the legal system or government greasy political machine . It can only be won through the transforming nature of the gospel.
    This does not mean we cannot write and defend the unborn through lobbying said institutions but a pagan will behave like a pagan .
    Concerning health care , as a christian it bothers me to know that people who are honest decent , hard working folks do not have coverage in your Country . I’m a Canadian ,and yes our system is flawed in places but it does many things right and as well.

  3. Stephen says:

    It’s a shame we can’t come up with a solution that doesn’t provide one cent to fund abortion AND prohibits health insurance companies from considering pregnancy a “preexisting condition” and forcing women of childbearing age to buy expensive maternity riders in order to get prenatal and delivery coverage. The insurance cartels don’t care about sanctity of life issues either.

  4. nebraski says:

    To commenters above, please explore what will happen when health care passes to both the unborn and the elderly…right to life is at all stages…I am very angry that Christians have not stood up for the end of life either. Now we will have government dictating to us what to do with our loved ones at the end of life, not a decision between you, your spouse or family member and the doctor. Insurance was able to be dropped, changed, or sued….BUT not the government…we will have no recourse. How sad! And Reg from Canada, I listened to a Canadian Doctor last weekend and he explained how long it is to get a Catscan, mri, etc in Canada and I want nothing to do with it! People are not denied care here…that is why premiums are going up…we cover the less fortunate with our own premiums and Doctor out of pocket fees. We cover low income and illegals and have state programs for those who can’t cover their premiums. By the way, the govnt. already stuck their foot in the door by demanding mandates for many things that have raised premiums….well child checks, prenatal care for all 9 months….this is the kind of stuff that has made it too difficult to keep the premiums low. In my state, there are about 65 mandates that the state govt. forces on insurance companies to cover plus doctors have no recourse or limit when there is a lawsuit against them…So please quit preaching to me about all this. I am so angry because so many of us will have to bury parents earlier than if we left the system alone. We need to honor the older people, not abuse them. Plus, how many more abortions will occur? We are at 50 million in 40 yrs….what a thoughtless tragedy. I COULD SPIT TACKS.

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