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Here’s a video telling the resurrection story by using the art from the Jesus Storybook Bible and David Suchet’s narration. This would be great to watch with your kids. The intro is long (45 seconds) so you can just skip ahead.

HT: Timmy Brister

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7 thoughts on “God’s Wonderful Surprise”

  1. Brice Bohrer says:

    Love this book! Cool to see it as a video. My kids will love it.

  2. Dan Buraga says:

    Justin: THANKS for what you do! Just wanted to say that you’ve enriched this Easter for my family and I with your harmony of Passion week and now I’m looking forward to showing this video to my kids.

    I read your blog often, and find it very, very, helpful. Just thought it was high time I expressed how grateful I am for you and your ministry.

  3. Delrae Gerdes says:

    Hi Justin – You don’t know me, but I look at your blog almost daily & appreciate what you do – thanks! I hope that you will some day (soon?) hi-light the new, “Might Acts of God” Story Bible by Starr Meade. My (pastor) husband & I have been using it with our 13, 9 & 7 year old and like it very much – esp because “Reformed” doctrine or ideas are well taught; the questions at the end are helpful, too. We have it on our churches “Family Worship Resource” display. Blessings!

  4. Ruben Supan says:

    Is it just me, am i the only one teary-eyed?

    1. Ruben,

      When this Bible first came out, the running joke among my mom friends was that it needed to come with a box of Kleenex…

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