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I’ve linked to these more than once, but I just don’t get tired of hearing this brother preach to me!

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11 thoughts on “S.M. Lockridge, Preaching Christ”

  1. Matt Taylor says:

    I never want to stop listening. I love hearing about my King! It brings me to tears of joy every time.

  2. John Tindall says:

    Just wanted to say to Justin Taylor that I’ve been getting the feeds from his blog for months now and have enjoyed, profited, and been blessed.

  3. Paul C says:

    That first video was a real blessing!

  4. Alex says:

    The first video was absolutely amazing, magnificently mind-boggling, altogether awesome, and greatly glorifying to the King of Kings. Thank you JT. Have a joyous Easter!

  5. Jared Wilson says:

    I loved the Lockridge clip since my Dad introduced me to “That’s My King!” a few years ago. We’re using both of these in our services this weekend.

  6. Tony Romano says:

    Phenomenal. How amazing is Jesus?!

  7. Greg Gentry says:

    Love the Lockridge… love James Caviezel less so…

    Here is one with just the words.
    I’m not overly oppressive where the 2nd commandment is concerned, but I don’t want to see a man’s face who is NOT my King, when He is being so aptly preached and proclaimed.

    But God bless Mr. Lockridge, who I imagine is enjoying the face of his King even now.

    1. Greg Gentry says:

      OOPS, forgot the link!!!

  8. Jason Ewing says:

    Love these videos and this preacher. I have share this in services several times. I posted both of these on my facebook page to pass the message along.

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