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A video featuring one of my heroes, John Knight (development director at Desiring God), talking about God’s work in and through his son, Paul, who was born blind and with autism.

You can read John’s blog here.

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6 thoughts on “This Was Grace”

  1. Moe Bergeron says:

    Praise God for His loving kindness and thank God for John Knight and his wife for trusting God. I serve with Jimmy Snowden on the pastoral team at SGF ( He and his dear wife Kristal have the cutest little three year old named “James”. James is yet another blessed gift that the King of Kings is employing to reveal grace in the lives of his mom and dad.
    Thank you Justin for this golden nugget!

  2. leigh witherspoon says:

    thank you for sharing your faith and trust in HIM who never fails us. so humbling and touching :)

  3. Dana Olson says:

    Thanks, JT. What a blessing to know John and his family, and to know that our special kids are gifts of grace from a Sovereign God, just as our other children are as well. I’m so thrilled with Krista Horning’s new book also.

  4. Mike Neglia says:

    Thank you so much JT for the two posts dealing with the topic of autism in recent weeks. My wife and I have a four year old son who was diagnosed with autism and it is fantastic to see this blog address it from a Christian perspective.
    My feed reader shows me my subscribed blogs, many of them theological and many of them autism related, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see an overlap lately.
    God bless you.

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