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It’s hard to think of another ministry that has been as generous as Desiring God, leading the way in giving away tons of resources without charge. God has used many of the resources on that site to shape and serve many of us.

But they are facing significant budget cuts.

Here’s a short video from Jon Bloom explaining their current financial needs and how just 1% of their web readers giving $5 a month could meet their needs and expand their work globally:

You can contribute to the campaign here.

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12 thoughts on “Helping DG”

  1. $5 a month? I owe DG ministries far more than that. I’m grateful that they asked.

  2. Bobby Sparks says:

    It’s the least those of us that have benefited from DG should do. Thanks for posting this.

  3. *sara* says:

    thanks for passing on the need, I’m SO glad you did.

  4. JR says:

    Thanks Justin for passing this info along.

  5. Richard Agnew says:

    I’m in!

  6. Ricky says:

    Desiring God has truly been a blessing to a lot of people and I have seen their Financial Statements online and seen that they are very well organized and done. I will be posting this on my Blog soon.

  7. Melinda says:

    Really? It seemed more like an invitation for a guilt trip.

    1. Charlie says:

      Melinda- I don’t know how more elegant Jon Bloom could have sounded and don’t know how you could perceive his message as guilting? He’s merely stating their need and allowing God’s people to do the work. If he doesn’t say anything then how do they get the word out about the need?

      Great post Justin! Keep up the great work.

    2. Moe Bergeron says:

      Melinda, I’ve known Jon Bloom almost since the beginning of Desiring God and have to say he would be the last person who would put you on a guilt trip. The same can be said for DG as a ministry. They’ve shaped internet ministry by their willingness to provide hundreds of resources at no cost to their visitors. Wish we were all as generous.

  8. henrybish says:

    I’m in!

  9. Brent Hobbs says:

    I’ve used the resources there for years so I’m glad to help.

  10. @ JT: Thanks for sharing this. My wife and I have been tremendously influenced by the ministry of John Piper and DG. It will be our pleasure to help support their work and furtherance.

    Cheers, Jesse

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