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Ligonier has released a new album with some beautiful music and lyrics: My Cry Ascends. Here’s the description:

My Cry Ascends is a graceful collection of new Psalms and hymns for the church composed by Greg Wilbur. The music is recorded in a folk tradition with elements of Celtic style and southern harmony. Listeners will enjoy the hardy musical instrumentation: piano, viola, flutes, tin whistle, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bagpipe, hammer dulcimer and percussion. Rich biblical texts and expressive tunes feature the singing of Michael Card, Steve Green, Wes King, Katy Snow, Nathan Clark George and Bruce Carroll. The songs were written with congregational singing in mind, and it is our hope that this CD will bring these wonderful pieces into wider familiarity as an appropriate offering to the Most High God as He calls His people into worship.

Here are the tracks:

  1. Now Unto Jehovah--Psalm 29 (2:39)
  2. Come Ye Souls (3:06)
  3. Savior and Friend (3:34)
  4. Mighty Lord, Extend Your Kingdom (3:26)
  5. Call Jehovah Your Salvation--Psalm 91 (3:14)
  6. O God To Thine Anointed King--Psalm 72 (3:12)
  7. O Bless the Lord My Soul--Psalm 103 (2:30)
  8. Come Ye Disconsolate (3:18)
  9. Lord, Hear My Prayer--Psalm 102 (4:00)
  10. Alas and Did My Savior Bleed (3:31)
  11. How Blest the Man--Psalm 41 (4:36)
  12. Let God Arise--Psalm 68 (3:28)
  13. Lord Jesus Think on Me (2:51)
  14. From Depths of Woe--Psalm 130 (3:59)
  15. Blest Is the Man--Psalm 32 (2:56)

You can listen to samples here, and download the first song for free here.

Here’s a new video introducing the album by Compass Cinema:

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5 thoughts on “My Cry Ascends: New Parish Psalms”

  1. Michael C. says:

    This is an excellent album. Easily one of the finest every produced for ‘worship’ music. Who would have though that the Psalms would make good songs :)

  2. Jeffrey Jackson says:

    Through the ministry of Nathan Clark George, I have been introduced to this type of worship music…the psalms set to music. I feel as if I am just now learning to worship in a way which I believe truly pleases God. Grateful for God-centered and Scripture-based music such as this. I have been tremendously blessed through this album.

  3. MarieP says:

    I just bought my copy!!! (It appears that, at present, you have to click on store and click add to cart from the list of current recommendations.)

  4. Victor says:

    great music i just bought a copy.

  5. Cavman says:

    We sang some of them at the PCA General Assembly this week. We may have to add some to our worship…

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