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Video interview below:

Some quotes:

"Lauren asked the doctor, 'What's best-case scenario and what's worst-case scenario?' He said: 'Best-case scenario is that God heals you. . . . Worst-case scenario, honestly, is that you get killed in a car wreck on your way home today.'

“He was the first one to say to me out loud, 'Nothing's really changed for you--you just get to be aware that you're mortal. Everyone is, but they're just not aware of it. The gift that God's given you is that you get to be aware of your mortality.'

"So if this goes bad for me, if my MRI scan shows that . . . I have a short amount of time, I can talk to my wife, talk to my children, shoot videos. . . . Most guys who die in their 30's kiss their wife goodbye in the morning and never come home. . . . At least once a year, for the rest of my life, I get the anxiety of 'Am I going to hear today that I only have a couple years to live?' . . . It is a gift."


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11 thoughts on “Matt Chandler on Suffering”

  1. John says:

    That’s a sharp doctor. Great quote.

  2. Tony Romano says:

    What a great testimony to the goodness and grace of God. Praise Him for strengthening Matt and Lauren Chandler’s faith. I am so thankful for their witness to His goodness.

  3. elizabeth says:

    beautiful. humble. God glorifying. thanks for posting this.

  4. Ellen A. Jervis says:

    “Becasue we live in a broken and fallen world you got to have a theology that can handle that, and can hold you steadfast and allow you to be steadfast for others when it is their turn to suffer.” I get this. Thank you Matt Chandler for your message.

  5. Whitney says:

    I have brain cancer as well (diagnosed the same week as Chandler) and there is so much wisdom in this interview. It really is a bittersweet gift.

    1. Ellen A. Jervis says:

      Whitney, I am praying for you as I type this. One of the things I am hoping for you is that you have someone at your side as you walk this path where ever it may end. May God give you a source of comfort and peace to you that will hold you close, touch you often and just be there in what ever capacity you need them to be. And my prayers are also for them. – Ellen

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