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I’ll be on vacation all of next week, unplugged from the blog. As has become an annual tradition, I’ve asked a few friends if they’d cover for me while I’m gone.

I’m thankful for each of these friends, whose work and friendship are a regular encouragement to me in the Lord.

Thanks in advance for treating them well as they set-up shop and blog here in the days ahead.

Here is a little bit of information about these guys:

James H. Grant Jr.

  • James (MDiv, RTS) is the senior pastor of Trinity Reformed Church in Rossville, Tennessee.
  • James is the author of a expositional commentary on 1-2 Thessalonians (Preach the Word series, edited by Kent Hughes), forthcoming from Crossway.
  • James blogs at In Light of the Gospel.
  • James pronounces the words “Bill” and “Beale” the same way. He has also been a preacher for half of his life, though he is only in his early 30s!

Andy Naselli

Dane Ortlund

Tony Reinke

  • Tony serves as Editorial and Research Assistant to C. J. Mahaney in Sovereign Grace Ministries.
  • Tony is the author of A Christian Guide to Reading Books, forthcoming from Crossway. (You can read about his process for writing it here.)
  • Tony blogs at Miscellanies: A Cross-Centered Blog.
  • Tony hails from the great state of Nebraska--poised any year now to reclaim their dominance in college football! (Go Big Red!)

Robert Sagers

  • Robbie (PhD cand., Southern) is Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President [=Russell Moore] of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Robbie contributes to the Evangel blog.
  • Robbie likes Andrew Peterson’s music--a lot. And he looks like Russell Moore.

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5 thoughts on “Introducing Next Week’s Guest Bloggers”

  1. Spot on, JT. On at least three occasions in conversation with James, I’ve found myself asking (in my head), “Who is this Bill he keeps referring to?” Only to have it dawn on me later that he was referencing Beale.

  2. Brad says:

    Ah, August. The seasonal doldrums of the blogosphere – no disrespect intended to your guests and I’m sure they’ll fill in wonderfully for you. Enjoy the vacation Justin.

  3. Jason D. says:


    You wrote that Andy Naselli book is called, “Let God and Let God?” but it is actually, “Let GO and Let God?”

    soli Deo gloria!

  4. Stephanie says:

    I’ve said the word “Beale” about 10 times out loud, and I say it like “Bill”, too. I think they should be homophones.

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