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With apologies to Kanye, here’s an MP3 for learning the Greek alphabet, from beginning Greek student Michael Graening at Southeastern Seminary (posted with permission):

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32 thoughts on “Learning the Greek Alphabet Can Be Heartless”

  1. steven sutton says:


  2. Craig Hurst says:

    Where was this when I took beginning Greek! Cool!

  3. Tony Romano says:

    “We gon’ treat this Greek like it’s a treasuh”

  4. Aubrey in SA says:

    Thanks! My husband is teaching our 12yr old son Greek and they are loving this!

  5. Andrew Moody says:

    Good stuff! Looks like they don’t keep the students busy enough at Southern ;-).

  6. Keith says:

    Shout-out to SEBTS.

  7. Marv says:

    Does he actually say eks-eye for xi? Sheesh.

  8. Billy says:


  9. Robert Wille says:


  10. To Marv: Don’t be a jerk. :(

  11. Owen says:

    I didn’t know you had heard of Kanye.

    Cultural points: 1.

  12. Scott Cline says:

    Somehow, I have more difficulty reciting the alphabet after hearing that than I had before…

  13. D.R. Randle says:

    This is very creative (and hilarious), but I’m not sure how helpful it would be to actually memorizing the Greek alphabet. It’s a bit more complicated that just breaking it up into groups of 4 or 5. But points should certainly be rewarded for style.

  14. sean says:

    It wouldn’t be bad if he knew how to properly pronounce the letters

  15. Mike says:

    From one Southeastern student to another, that was awesome! Hope I see you on campus.

  16. David says:

    I’m waiting for the auto-tuned audio-Bible


  17. Les says:

    Very nice. Finally, an alphabet song with some style.

  18. Jordan in NC says:

    Justin, A few of us just emailed you a similar version of the Hebrew alphabet. Hope you can post this one too!

  19. Jay says:

    By far more “relevant” than Dr. Black’s Greek Alphabet to “Shortnin Bread”. Still, I can’t see Dr. Black implementing this in his class.

  20. Phil says:

    Sorry to ask about such a minute detail, but is the student’s name “Micahel” or Michael? Thought it might be a typo…
    Regardless, great post!

    1. Michael Graening says:

      My name is Michael and thank you very much for your compliments

  21. Phil says:

    I’ve listened to this wayyyy too many times already! But…must…listen…again! Does iTunes carry this? :)

  22. Dave says:

    Wow! Thanks–any chance for the lyrics for this? Also, how do I download into my iTunes account? Way to be rad for Greek!

  23. John Cordero says:

    The song is catchy, but I think Richard Belcher’s method is a much easier method to memorize the Greek alphabet. Here’s his suggestion:

    Use the tune of “onward Christian Soldiers” with the Greek alphabet as the lyrics.

    Alpha, Beta, Gamma,
    Delta, Epsilon,
    Zeta, Eta, Theta,
    Iota, Kappa, Lambda,
    Mu, Nu, Xi, and Omnicron,
    Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau,
    Upsilon, and Phi, Chi, Psi,
    and last Omega.

    Onward Christian scholars,
    Learn the alphabet.
    Then wehn test day cometh,
    You’ll have no regret.

  24. Megan H. says:

    Love it! I was wondering about some of the pronunciation… I learned some Koine in elementary school (home school!!), and we didn’t pronounce xi, phi, chi, or psi in the same way as the very talented artist. Is the pronunciation just for the sake of rhyming/rhythm?

    Again, I really like it!

    1. Michael Graening says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words! Koine Greek is a “dead language” this simply means that no one has ever heard it spoken in it’s native tongue, so pronunciation is anyone’s guess. With that being said there is however suggested pronunciation given in Greek textbooks so that students of this language may interact with each other, ask questions, etc. I did not follow some of the suggested pronunciations on purpose. To give an example why not look at the suggested pronunciation of xi [=ks] This sounds more like a hiss than an actual letter and it would eliminate the purpose of this song if I left my audience guessing. My goal was to simply help the student remember the letters and be able to reproduce them. Thank you once again I can’t tell you how much the encouragement means.

  25. Liz Smith says:

    I love this! Was it changed this morning, though?

  26. Jim Dukes says:

    Good job! Anything that helps learn the alphabet is a good thing. Thanks for your creativity. I will recomment it and the “Onward Christian Soldiers” one to my students.

  27. Kim says:

    Michael I love it, it does make me miss you alot, work is just not the same, keep singing, you still amaze me with your songs!!!!!!!!!!!

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