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Hunter Baker, author of The End of Secularism associate professor of political science and the associate dean of arts and sciences at Union University, recently delivered the 2010 Gheens Lectures at Southern Seminary, under the title “The System Has a Soul: Lectures on Christianity and Secularism.” Here are links to the audio:

Lecture 1: "Freedom, Democracy, and Secularism"
Lecture 2: "Decline, Fall, and the Options"
Lecture 3: "Secularism, Church, and Society"

The videos for each lecture are embedded below:

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3 thoughts on “Hunter Baker: “The System Has a Soul: Lectures on Christianity and Secularism””

  1. Craig Hurst says:

    I’d like to think I can read heady stuff and Baker’s book is on my to-read list but I can’t say I can listen to him lecture. I hope he writes better than he speaks. I am tracking with almost nothing here. Am I alone?

  2. Hunter Baker says:

    Craig, I hope you’re alone! :-)

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