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Paul commands the church in Philippi to “honor such men” (Phil. 2:29).

What kind of men? Men like Epaphroditus--who show us the love of Christ.

It’s an easy thing to fulfill this command with someone like my pastor, David Sunday at New Covenant Bible Church. I commend to you Chris Castaldo’s profile of David for the Ordinary Pastors Project.

Here’s a brief video of David answering the question, “What’s the hardest thing for believers to believe about God?”

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2 thoughts on “Honor Such Men”

  1. John klein says:

    Thanks for posting this! But…I had my congregation view this video from Pastor David, a couple of Sundays ago!
    I commented in this way: I made mention that there is a discernible sweetness and love found in David as he shares. And, what David shared, was needed truth of God’s sweetness and love, towards His children. Yet, what truly spoke, was the heart of a messenger, sharing his greatest love. Thanks David, for blessing my flock for a couple very large minutes. Oh ya, I pointed to the screen and said,”I want that!”
    I can say from experience, even when David was in 7th. grade, and through his growing years, David was a blessing.

    Blessings-John Klein

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