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7 thoughts on “Christmas Story from the Jesus Storybook Bible”

  1. Carlos says:

    That’s very nice Justin. Thanks for posting that! I just have some questions about some of the pictures:

    1. Do angels really have wings or was that some Catholic invention? I always thought cherubim had wings or are cherubim angels too?

    2. In the Middle East, didn’t homes have places for animals attached? Wasn’t the “inn” just a guest room at one of his relatives homes?

  2. John Bird says:

    This looks great. As a parent, I really appreciate your spotlighting of great resources for parents and children.

  3. alison kong says:

    That’s great. A Christmas Story Told in A Child like manner.
    It really Captivates children to hear and to see the pictorial
    story. Keep it up!

  4. alice says:

    The Jesus Storybook Bible has been our family’s favorite Bible storybook since it was published. We were so excited last year when it was put on audio and narrated by David Suchet. It is wonderful!

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