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When I took John Piper’s preaching class in the late 90s, we were assigned four books on preaching:

  1. Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students
  2. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Preaching and Preachers
  3. John Stott, Between Two Worlds
  4. John Piper, The Supremacy of God in Preaching

I would highly recommend all four of these very different books.

Kevin DeYoung has now edited, and Zondervan  published, a 40th anniversary deluxe hardcover edition of the Lloyd-Jones volume.

In addition to Lloyd-Jones’s original lectures on preaching, the book is interspersed with the following short meditations by some of today’s finest preachers:

  • Ligon Duncan, “Some Things to Look For and Wrestle With”
  • Tim Keller, “A Tract for the Times”
  • John Piper, “Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The Preacher”
  • Kevin DeYoung, “Preaching for Brand New and Tired Old Preachers”
  • Mark Dever, “What I’ve Learned about Preaching from Martyn Lloyd-Jones”
  • Bryan Chapell, “D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: An Uncommon Zeal”

Here are a few commendations of this classic:

“It is one of the most important books on preaching in print. I personally owe it a debt I can never repay.”
—Tim Keller

“Preachers need to hear this kind of preaching as a partial antidote to the relentless trivializing of preaching in our day.”
—John Piper

“This book—and indeed Lloyd-Jones’ preaching (which this book so well introduces)—is one of the main shapers of my own understanding of preaching.”
—Mark Dever

“I know of no other book on preaching that will motivate you to preach like this one will. Read Lloyd-Jones again, or for the first time, and you may just discover there’s Spirit-given life left in your dry bones.”
—Kevin DeYoung

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15 thoughts on “One of the Best Books on Preaching”

  1. Joel says:

    You might be interested to know of then. Recording quality can be poor though.

  2. Stephen Shields says:

    This is great! Thanks, Justin.

  3. Wow! Thanks for all your hard work. I’m a big fan of Schaeffer. His ideas will never become outdated.

  4. Mike Francis says:

    Justin, thank you so much for making these known to us!

  5. Ray Ortlund says:

    Gold. Thanks.

  6. Outstanding. Many of these I’ve only heard in legend, or in many years. What a find. A real blessing. My complete works from the mid-eighties is getting pretty dog-eared, and come to think of it, I’m missing a volume.

    Very much appreciated.

  7. Chuck Wade says:

    This is great, thanks so much for finding this. I just read a biography about Francis Schaeffer called Truth With Love and it’s about his apologetic approach and how it connected with his amazing life. He truly was an amazing man.

  8. Guillermo Rosas says:

    Thanks, Justin! These lectures are of enormous value for me. Schaeffer has influenced my thinking like anybody else, apart from the Bible.

  9. Doc B says:

    The links to parts 21 and 27 of the Biblical Doctrine series seem to be broken…did anyone else have any luck retrieving them?

  10. Sam Parkinson says:

    Thanks for this – it’s really helpful to get access to these.
    Is number 10 of modern thought missing?

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