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I was delighted to discover tonight that a new DVD edition of Max McLean’s one-man show, “Mark’s Gospel,” is now available. I interviewed Max about the production last year, when it was running as a live show in the Chicago Theater District. It is a word-for-word dramatic recitation of the entire Gospel of Mark.

I was even happier to discover that the whole performance is available for free online. Each video below represents a chapter of Mark’s Gospel. All said, it runs about an hour and a half in length. I think you’ll find hearing this interpretation--and hearing the whole book at once, rather than just piecemeal--to be an enriching, edifying experience.

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14 thoughts on “Mark’s Gospel, Performed by Max McLean: Free Online”

  1. THOMAS says:

    Excellent! Thanks. I really enjoyed his rendition of Luther’s speech. Looking forward to watching all of these.

  2. Dan Phillips says:

    Very cool find, Justin. You will be Hither-and-Thithered tomorrow, DV.

  3. Wow…our high school group is going through the Gospel of Mark over a two-plus year period, and this will certainly come in handy at times…thanks!

  4. donsands says:

    What a gifted speaker. I also loved the maps. I am a map kind of guy.
    Thanks for putting us on to this excellent way od hearing the Word, and learning the Word.

  5. DJ says:

    Blessed…totally blessed by the Word of God spoken by this man.

  6. David says:

    Justin, thanks for making us aware of this being available. Mr. McLean’s performance is wonderful precisely because he does not attempt to eclipse the truth of the scriptures with his own persona. Fantastic!

  7. Love it, love it, love it! What power the scriptures have, and what a glorious Savior they present to us! As someone who is neck deep in studying the Gospel of Mark, I have to say that McLean does a superb job of channeling the author. Thanks for linking to this.

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