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A couple of months ago (November 8, 2010) I had the privilege of sitting down with Lecrae and Trip Lee of Reach Records to talk about their stories, their music, their theology, and their future. I’ve written more about these guys here.

We talked for about 50 minutes. You can watch the video below. (Many thanks to Jon Marshall and Josh Dennis for doing all the video and editing work for us!) Below that I’ve included a “table of contents.”

For those interested, Lecrae’s new album, The Overdose, becomes available January 11. And here’s a blog post from Trip explaining that he’s taking a break from music to become an intern at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

00:00--3:35 // Trip’s testimony
3:35--9:00 // Lecrae’s testimony
9:00--12:35 // Trip’s path from conversion to today
12:35--16:20 // Lecrae’s path from conversion to today
16:20--17:45 // Lecrae on Reach Records and Reach Life as soundtrack and resources for the movement
17:45--21:35 // Trip on hip-hop as an in-your-face content-heavy art form
21:35--25:11 // Lecrae gives an example of content-packing from “Don’t Waste Your Life”
25:11--27:15 // Lecrae on the origins of Christian rap
27:15--28:57 // Lecrae on the poetical elements of the genre
28:57--30:00 // Trip gives an example from his songs
30:00--32:50 // Lecrae on Reformed theology and race relations
32:50--33:55 // Trip on the diversity of their audience
33:55--36:40 // Lecrae and Trip on being an indigenous missionaries to the urban culture and Reformed theology
36:40--38:00 // Trip on what’s next for him in the next five years
38:00--41:55 // Lecrae on what’s next for him and the opportunities ahead in the cities
41:55--46:20 // Trip and Lecrae on the need to deflect adulation from fans
46:20--47:15 // Trip on Christian hip-hop as one stream of the Reformed resurgence
47:15--49:05 // Lecrae on how folks can be praying for them

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18 thoughts on “An Interview with Lecrae and Trip Lee”

  1. telos104 says:

    Great interview…loved it! What struck me most? Their humility…Lord bless those guys and Reach…

  2. Brian says:

    I recently saw Lecrae in a concert with multiple artists and styles. He was the most humble and self-depreciating artist present. After each and every song, he stopped to magnify Christ and to remind the audience that He is the reason why he does anything.

    I pray that God will continue to be glorified in this ministry.

  3. This was one of the best interviews I have ever seen done. You hear the music and now we know a little of the men behind the music. Praise God and praise God.

  4. Jeff Downs says:

    Thank for the interview. Very good.

    It would great to get some of these guys to come to Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. :)

    Just last night Pastor Bill Shishko (in the Reformed Pastor class) was speaking (a bit) about race relations relations; and how God (and he) hates racism (Acts 17:26).

    1. Tim H. says:

      Maybe they can perform at the Spring Conference? :)

  5. Dave Hammer says:

    Thank you Justin.

  6. Chrystie says:

    Wow! I had never heard of either of them before. But, I was so impressed with their humility and their love of the gospel. It appears God is doing amazing things through them! Thanks for sharing the interview…

  7. Adrian Crawford says:

    Phenomenal interview. I’m one of those guys that they’re taking about that is not in hip hop culture but is completely drawn to the music. It is so gospel-rich and skillfully done that there is no other response in me but to praise God and rejoice. I was also really excited to hear that Lecrae was at the recent Passion conference in Atlanta.

  8. jenny says:

    awesome interview. i appreciate hearing directly from these men that Jesus is first. whether in music, in family, in business, or in future plans. may the movement toward “robust” biblical theology spread as we all, as God’s people, faithfully live, love and learn of HIM. thanks for posting this.

  9. Dane says:

    Wonderful, thanks for doing this Justin. Very edifying.

  10. Pedro Rodriguez says:

    Dear Lecrae and Trip Lee may the Sovereign LORD continue to direct your steps in life and ministry.

    Continue to treasure the Lord Jesus Christ and the Centrality of the Gospel. Continue reaching out to the Urban Culture, the Hip Hop Culture, and the Young Culture. Continue to Think and Feel Biblically and Theologically.Come and Visit New York City with your Gospel-centered music ministry.

    You guys are awesome, because of what Christ has done in your behalf, and what HE is doing through you what now in your life. I really enjoyed listening to your interview – it was AWESOME!!!

    Pedro, Brooklyn,NYC

  11. THOMAS says:

    Justin, the picture on the video (before you press play) looks like your scratching a record…maybe you got some Hip Hop Skills you’re not telling us about? Much love, thanks for the blog. It is a wonderful resource for me!!

  12. Thanks for marking out the different sections of the video. That was super helpful.

  13. Kevin says:

    Yes. The Lord is glorified through these guys. They are very gifted at what they do and proclaim sound biblical truth. I can’t get enough of it. It was good to hear their stories.

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