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13 thoughts on “Martin Luther”

  1. Daniel Anderson says:

    How did they get John Goodman to pose for this painting?

    1. matt says:

      That’s hilarious.

    2. Greg Smith says:

      My thoughts exactly as soon as I saw it.

      1. Andrew says:


  2. Is it my imagination, or is that a comb-over?

  3. Brandon says:

    Its either John Goodman or Shrek, but definitely not Luther.

  4. Bob Lemon says:

    Actually, that’s Shrekkie Goodman. He was a bully in fifth grade, Brooklyn Elementary School #105. Looks like he’s put on a few pounds. Must be he really used all the lunch money he bullied from his classmates. Sad, really.

    I do like the “Patrick Henry” haircut though…

    1. Brandon says:

      LOL! Good stuff Bob!

  5. Sandra says:

    Could this not be Peter Beskendorf, the barber, rather than Luther?
    Excellent art, regardless.

  6. buck says:

    Catherine’s home brew may have tasted great, but it was definitely not less filling.

  7. Firstly, thank you so much for posting such a great variety of resources all the time! I’ve found so many great children’s books from your posts! And the preschoolers I work with have also been greatly benefited. So thanks so much! I just got “The Prince’s Poison Cup” and I can’t wait for this one to come out! Have you ever looked at Francis Chan’s children’s books? He has 2 and one on the way!

  8. EBG says:

    Collin Hansen needs to check his family tree!

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