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The abortion industry thrives on remaining in the dark, behind closed and (usually) sanitized doors.

The following video is very graphic, but it depicts the reality that is happening in our neighborhoods, at the rate in the U.S. of:

  • 1.37 million unborn children killed every year.
  • 3,700 unborn children killed every day.
  • 1 unborn child killed every 23 seconds.

When you stop to realize that the US only accounts for 3% of abortions worldwide, you realize that there is a relentless global slaughter underway. May God exercise both his mercy and judgment, and may Christ return quickly.

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31 thoughts on “This Is Abortion”

  1. Chris says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. I will post this and share this video. Its time to bring truth to world.

  2. Tom Vitlimilo says:

    Justin, thank you for your bravery in posting this.

    1. Timmy Tansawa says:

      Bravery? Let’s not go overboard. Justin posted a video. Oooohhh!
      Did posting it put his life at stake? At most he would get a negative comment. Let’s save comments like “bravery” for the protesters in Tunisia. Justin is a comfortable middle-upper class, white, Evangelical. He is far from being in the kind of danger that requires “bravery.” Should we applaud him for crossing the street too?

      1. Mel says:

        Well said, Timmy!

  3. Truth Unites... and Divides says:

    Abortion: Murder for Hire

  4. Yes, thank you for posting this. I am from Philadelphia where the “House of Horrors” story continues to disturb me day and night. I am also adopted from Central America where abortion tends to be unthinkable due to the influence of Catholicism. Thank God I was born there and not the US; otherwise I might have been murdered, too.

  5. Question says:

    As Christians, do we need to pursue total outlaw of abortion or for a system that makes it much more difficult but provides legally for the ostensible cases who would go for the dangerous back-alley version were it totally illegal?

    1. I know that this sounds harsh, but it needs to be said. If a woman is going to try to murder her own child, then she should have to face the consequences of her own actions.

      To the question, “Shouldn’t we want to make abortion safe, legal, and rare?” I would answer:

      Legal? NO.

      Rare? NO. Non-existent.

      Safe? NO. I want everyone who desires an abortion to be so terrified of having one (that they might harm themselves) that they won’t have one.

    2. CMM says:

      I think that it is the legality of abortion that has numbed the nation’s conscience toward it. Legal in any sense should not be a compromise pro-life people are willing to make.

      With regards to the video, the interesting thing is that the abortion providers, advocates, and pro-choice politicians all know that this is horrible reality. The ones kept in the dark are the young, poor, often scared and confused mothers who see abortion as a legitimate way out of their situation. They’re the ones who really need to see things like this.

  6. Anon,
    Thanks for your question about back-alley abortions. Here’s a link that might help.


  7. Victor says:

    This made me cry. What kind of sick mind would justify this?

    This is pure evil, everyone in America should watch this before they stupidly declare themselves to be “pro-choice.”

  8. Justin…thanks for posting this. where did you get the numbers you cited?


  9. Justin Taylor says:

    Pete, I believe they come from the Guttmacher Institute (Planned Parenthood’s research arm).

  10. Ryan says:

    Obama released a statement this morning celebrating exactly what we see in this video. All in the name of “personal family matters.” I would pay a $1000 dollars to make Obama watch this video and hear his response. Would he still celebrate abortion as just a family matter?

    And if I could ask him just one question it would be; Mr. President, if my three year old daughter becomes to much of a burden to me and my wife, can we kill her since this is a personal family matter?

    I am not sure how he could say no without first having to make a case that unborn babies are not human, which science clearly refutes.

  11. donsands says:

    Thanks Justin for posting this. Satan surely doesn’t like it. May our Lord help us fight against the legal killing of babies. It’s a heinous murder, for big money.

    This really is the best video I have found on showing the wickedness of abortion without any hype. I shall put it on my facebook today. And even though that’s not really brave, for some people, I’m gonna do it any way.

  12. donsands says:

    “Regardless of one’s view of abortion distinct differences between the two exist.”-Jesus’s nipples (What’s up with that name, BTW, seems kind of crude)

    “They are both an elective killing innocent life.”-Ryan

    Yep. Ryan is spot on. They are both murder. Abortion is murder. I pray God will have mercy and justice in this nation. Amen.

  13. donsands says:

    “Point it or repent and be humble.”


    Where do you go to church, and what is your name, if you don’t mind me asking?

  14. Ryan says:

    I am with donsands “Jesus’ Nipples” is an odd name to go by, and a bit unsettling.

    1. Susie Briggs says:

      ??? Ryan why would you say something so obscene about our Lord? Please remember our call to speak of Him with reverence and civility. Older saints held a true reverence for him and did not want to portray him in such an earthly manner!

      1. Ryan says:

        @ Susie

        There were previously posts on here from someone using that as their name. Please read the comments from Me and donsands as we were both raising the same objection.

  15. Jason Dulle says:


    Thanks for posting this. Given the gravity of the topic, I hate to quibble, but the figures you cited are old. Guttmacher just released the stats for 2008 and the total number of abortions that year was 1.21 million. You can read the report here:

  16. Ryan says:

    Have to disagree with you, there are no logical fallacies.

    1. I did not claim killing unborn babies leads to infantcide, but some have taken the logic of abortion and advocate infantcide, such as philosopher Peter Singer, who is alright with killing kids up to two years old.

    2. I am not sure what you are getting at with your second critique, or where the fallacy is. My point is that I would simply want him to explain what does a three year old have or possess that an unborn baby does not? The logic is sound here and the question is incredibly valid and important.

    3. Once again on your third critique you are using the word fallacy without being clear. I get that infanticide means killing a 0-9 month old baby outside of the womb and abortion is killing a baby in the womb, but other than that I am not sure if the difference. I would love to be enlightened here so please explain to me how they are different. They are both an elective killing innocent life.

  17. Catholic Creeds says:

    “. I would love to be enlightened here so please explain to me how they are different.”

    LOL @ Protestants and their sarcasm and faux humility. A true follow of Luther!!!

  18. Ryan says:

    No sarcasm there Catholic Creeds. Though the irony of you trying to criticize for lack of humility by mocking Protestants also warrants a chuckle.

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