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Looking at both digital memory and analog devices, the researchers calculate that humankind is able to store at least 295 exabytes of information. (Yes, that's a number with 20 zeroes in it.)

Put another way, if a single star is a bit of information, that's a galaxy of information for every person in the world. That's 315 times the number of grains of sand in the world. But it's still less than one percent of the information that is stored in all the DNA molecules of a human being.

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5 thoughts on “How Much Information Did God Put in Your DNA?”

  1. pduggie says:

    So that’s saying IF we tried to encode bits of information in human DNA, we could store a whole lots of bits.

    But IIRC, human dna isn’t storing that much information. Its like a very large hard drive that we’re only using a small percentage of. Much of the rest is random noise. (and old viruses, which is very interesting)

  2. Frank Martens says:

    No actually, this article states that humankind does hold that much information. It’s the DNA information that’s being stored. There’s 295 exabytes of DNA information stored in the human being. Hence the article says, “… of the information that is stored in all …”

  3. Frank Martens says:

    What’s fascinating is this quote at the end of the article… “These numbers are impressive, but still miniscule compared to the order of magnitude at which nature handles information” Hilbert said. “Compared to nature, we are but humble apprentices. However, while the natural world is mind-boggling in its size, it remains fairly constant. In contrast, the world’s technological information processing capacities are growing at exponential rates.”

  4. Andy says:

    If DNA information came as a radio transimission from outer space, we would consider it proof of extraterrestrial intelligence. But for some reason, when it comes from within our own biological cells, we chalk it up to random chance and natural selection.

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