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Russell Moore has emerged as one of evangelicalism’s finest writers. I highly recommend his new book, due out this month from Crossway: Tempted and Tried: Temptation and the Triumph of Christ.

Tony Reinke points us to his favorite excerpt from the book. It’s worth reading slowly.

TGC also published an excerpt.

Josh Harris recently wrote:

Some people are incredible writers but have little to say. Others have great substance but are boring as all get out to read. Russell Moore is that rare author whose skills as a writer are matched by his theological and biblical substance. He both engages your imagination and stretches you intellectually. This man knows the Bible and he teaches it in a way that pierces the heart. Russell will not only make you think, he will make you think more biblically--an activity that is more dangerous and subversive than you would imagine. If you’re struggling with sin in some form, you might assume that reading a book called Tempted and Tried would be a depressing reminder of all your failings. But that is not what this book is. It is realistic and honest about sin and evil, but more than anything it gloriously sets forth Jesus as the devil-smashing Victor that he is. It will give you hope. It will give you courage to press on. It will stir your heart to keep battling temptation in the confidence of Christ’s victory. I highly recommend it.

You can read the table of contents and first chapter online for free.

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3 thoughts on “Tempted and Tried: Temptations and the Triumph of Christ”

  1. Bryan Magana says:

    The writing is beautiful — reads like poetry.

  2. Dan says:

    Music fans should check out Russell Moore’s “The Cross and the Jukebox” podcast, in which he typically does a theological take on a country song; each podcast is like a mini-sermon or commentary on the lyrics. I like pretty much everything I’ve seen from Dr. Moore so here’s a shameless plug for him!

  3. Re: “Russell Moore has emerged as one of evangelicalism’s finest writers.”

    -Dr. Moore is one of our finest preachers as well.

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