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Historical evidence alone will convince no one, but Dr. William Lane Craig presents a number of facts that help to confirm the reality that Jesus rose from the dead 2000 years ago.

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10 thoughts on “Is There Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus?”

  1. I love Lane Craig. I just received his book Reasonable Faith, and am quite excited to dive into it :)

  2. Ryan says:

    His book “On Guard” is incredible and the best out there for training people in apologetics, including students.

  3. Mrs. JD Darr says:

    I actually cried listening to him. It’s just so wonderful. Our God defeated death, ascended into Heaven, is seated at the right hand of our Father, will come again in glory to judge the quick and the dead, and His Kingdom will have no end.

  4. Danny says:

    Evidentialists drive me nuts. Lets not presuppose a God. Let’s decide we are the judge and He’s on trial.

    1. Matti says:

      This is how world relates to Christianity. I’m glad that Craig has taken up the intellectual challenge and tries to play by their rules. And it’s highly edifying even for a believer.

    2. I’m a presuppositionalist as well, but there is a Biblical place for evidentialism. God worked signs and wonders throughout the writing of the Bible to give evidence of the truth He spoke through the prophets. He reminded the people of Israel, for example, of the miraculous things He did during the exodus. The miracles Jesus worked were evidence that He was the Messiah, and especially that he had power over life and death.

      The thing is that evidence doesn’t convince the unregenerate, but it does encourage those who have, or even will have, faith. And it does so well enough that God Himself uses evidence to that end.

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