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I hope a lot of readers will explore the new revised edition of Christianity Explored. Sinclair Ferguson writes, “I wish every Church, every Sunday School Class, and every Small Group would use Christianity Explored at least once a year.” Here’s why:

Then our churches might once again become what they were meant to be: God's evangelistic society and network of spiritual maternity hospitals where we live in expectation that new Christians will be born.

I personally value Christianity Explored as a tool for evangelism for a wide variety of reasons:

  • Because of Rico Tice's clear and engaging presentation of the Gospel
  • Because Christianity Explored uses The Gospel (of Mark)--and not just a few isolated texts--to tell the Gospel of Jesus
  • Because using it in the church family creates a context for Christians to use their gifts together to show others, as well as tell them about, the good news and the new life they have found in Christ
  • Because it also walks those who are already Christians through the Gospel and strengthens both their understanding of it and their ability to express it.
  • Because I have rejoiced to see people come to faith in Christ through its ministry.

Kevin DeYoung, in a helpful overview of a previous edition, says, “If you are looking for an evangelism program to use in your church, I strongly urge you to consider Christianity Explored.

Michael Horton recently raved about the tool:

The program is based on the content, not vice versa. But there is a DVD (also CD), with Rico walking folks through Mark. There's a Leader's Guide as well as a Handbook for others following along. You can do this with your family, invite over some neighbors over to the house or do the course at a local spot where non-Christians who wouldn't attend church can show up, listen in, and ask questions. And you can go through the course with your whole church. Even mature believers will gain new insights-and fresh appreciation for the glory of Christ in his gospel.

Sorry to go on about this, but "Christianity Explored"--especially with this newly revised edition--is exactly what we've need for a long time. My prayer is that churches faithful to getting the gospel right will become just as known for getting the gospel out. And "Christianity Explored" is the best supporting resource I know of for helping us to do that.

In addition to the materials and samples and extras you can view at the WTSBooks site, you can also go to the excellent publisher, The Good Book Company. Note that WTS does not ship outside the U.S., but I think the publisher has distribution networks outside the U.S.

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4 thoughts on “New Edition of “Christianity Explored”: 20% Off”

  1. Allen Mickle says:

    Any thoughts of it in comparison to Christianity Explained?

    I’ve heard lots of people have used it as well and I wonder which one people might like better (who have used both).

  2. Scott C says:

    I would also like to know what your assessment of this material is versus “Christianity Explained” (Scripture Union/ Queensland)and also “Simply Christianity” (Mathias Media).

  3. Marty says:

    Explored is Mark and Explained is Luke. I have only looked at the book for Cy Explained and it seems very good. I have heard good reports about it from those who have used it. However I am very familiar with Explored and would agree with the endorsements. I have run the course in various ways and in various places around ten times now, and I have always seen fruit. It is the Gospel, with faithful guidance from Rico Tice – a good man.

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