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See also Dan Doriani’s “Miscarriage: A Death in the Family,” where he recounts his own family's situation and then looks at ways in which to minister to, comfort, and serve those who are grieving.

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3 thoughts on “How Does a Christian Respond Rightly to Recurrent Miscarriages?”

  1. Justin…thank you for posting this. Our daughter just went through a miscarriage. She is having a very hard time getting through this. She feels that God is punishing her. I have tried to assure her of God’s goodness and love. It has been rough for us all in experiencing this loss. I do trust God and His infinite love for us. I am praying that our daughter will come to trust in His sovereignty over all things as well. Thank you.

  2. Clarification Dave says:

    My wife and I have also experienced a miscarriage. My wife found comfort in writing letters to the child. Since we didn’t know the sex of the child we named the baby with a name that would be appropriate for either gender “Robin.” Later we found a little figurine of a baby robin that we keep on a shelf as a keepsake to remind us of the brief time of blessing that “Robin” was with us.

    I do find it interesting that Powlison does not spend much time articulating the Reformed definition of sovereignty: the good pleasure meticulous sovereignty of God initiating a decree for all things that happen.

  3. John Pennylegion says:

    The link for Doriani’s article doesn’t seem to be pointed correctly. I found the article here:

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