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7 thoughts on “How to Disagree While Being Both Faithful and Winsome”

  1. C.E. Moore says:

    This is a very, very interesting conversation. Hoping to create a new vision of this in the very near future.

  2. Tony Byrne says:

    One point they made (via Archibald Alexander at minute 4:50) is a very frequent problem I see in Internet conversations. People often confuse what another person advocates (P) with what they think that position entails (Q). So, rather than saying “that person believes P and I think that entails Q,” they argue as if the other person actually advocates Q. It’s the difference between a reductio ad absurdum (P entails Q) and a straw man fallacy (P is Q).

    I also like the quote by Alan Jacobs (min 8:45) that Keller gave about the Internet being the friend of information but the enemy of thought. It’s rare to interact/debate through this medium with people who are reflective.

    1. Kyle Carlson says:


      1. Gregory says:

        Yah Hah!

  3. jeremiah says:

    why wasn’t Driscoll or McArthur in on this panel?

  4. In the newly-released revised and enlarged third edition of THE FIRE THAT CONSUMES, I commend Michael Horton by name for his fair and courteous style of disagreement when interviewing me for Modern Reformation magazine 11 (2002) 14-20. concerning conditional immortality or annihilationism. I try to return the favor in this new book, in which I interact throughout with 17 traditionalist authors of 12 books.

  5. Jon Coutts says:

    GC blog writers need to watch this video several times. This is one of the worst sites I know of, when it comes to the kinds of things Keller, Chandler and Horton are talking about. Either disable commenting or take responsibility for your comments section. It forces you to be accountable to your readers and it calls them to raise the bar themselves. Having spent a few months trying to interact on this site I came to the conclusion that it was pointless. I hope it doesn’t stay that way. I’ll be sure to look in again someday.

    Great video. I appreciate that someone linked me to it.

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