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Tim Challies has a very interesting interview with Chris Koelle, the artist behind The Revelation App, a graphic novel adaption of the book of Revelation.

An excerpt:

To be honest, at first, the idea seemed (to me) laughable because of its ambitious scope and complexity, and then the prospect simply became paralyzing. A fully-illustrated, moment-by-moment visualization of the entire Book of Revelation had never really been done before. In the end, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and after some time I agreed to take up the challenge.

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3 thoughts on “The (Graphic Novel) Book of Revelation App”

  1. James says:

    Justin, Do you know if there are any plans to publish this in print format? I only have an IPhone, the artwork is amazing, and would love to see one of the major Christian publishing houses (hint, hint…) ante up and get this thing in print.

  2. Clint says:

    I would also like to know if this will ever be made available in print.

  3. Clint says:

    I just found out the answer. here is the response from the app developer:

    Hi Clint,

    The answer is yes. Wish we could give you a specific date, but right now we are focused on finishing the art. Our first deployment platform is the App Store and iOS devices, but once we have the book completed we’ll set our plans for other platforms including print.

    Thanks so much for your interest. We will definitely put out an announcement when there is a print release date. Unfortunately it probably won’t be before the end of the year. We appreciate your patience!

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