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This is very much worth two hours of your time: Jeff Vanderstelt, a pastor at Soma Communities and Vice President of Acts29, explaining what it means to have “gospel fluency.”

If you want a snapshot first, listen to the first minute of this video:

Here is the teaching flesh out at a seminar for Grace Covenant Church in April 2011:

You can also listen to this in audio: part 1, part 2.

If you only have five minutes, fast-forward to around the 27:00 mark of the first longer video to see how Jeff applies the gospel to pornography.

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5 thoughts on “Gospel Fluency”

  1. Thanks Justin for this encouragement to better myself in what must become my first language.

  2. Joe Fisher says:

    I honestly think Jeff is brining a reformation to orthopraxy and what it actually means to be the people of God.

  3. Theologian says:

    I agree with the general direction of the post. That being said, I thin there is a need to talk about being fluent in Jesus. All we have to do to make this clear is to say the good news of Jesus Christ who He is, what He taught, and what he did instead of simply saying gospel people, gospel as it applies to this or that.

    1. Ryan says:

      I am sympathetic to your concern, Theologian. However, if you listen to the longer teaching sections, rather than just the snapshot, you’ll find that Jeff does precisely what you suggest; the second video is a lengthy explication of “fluency in Jesus.”

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