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Here is an new initiative from the Acton Institute that may be worth exploring:

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3 thoughts on “Advancing Entrepreneurial Solutions to Poverty”

  1. AStev says:

    Their Statement of Principles on their website is pretty encouraging…

    “To be clear, Christianity is principally concerned with saving souls and making disciples of all nations. But this in no way negates the fact that God also calls us to help the poor escape the ravages of material poverty.”


    “Although made in the image of God, humanity is fallen. Many approaches to fighting poverty take too little account of human sinfulness, leading to a lack of accountability and, with it, corruption, waste and more poverty. We must avoid a utopianism that ignores the reality of sin.”

    Interestingly, they also mention “the principle of subsidiarity” several times, which is a term used pretty commonly by Distributist thinkers.

  2. I thought years ago that something like this was possible. I’m glad that someone has the wherewithal and vision to make it happen.

  3. Casey says:

    My problem with this video is I fear people who are already not doing anything to help the poor just gave themselves validation. I think Americans already think that the problem is that people aren’t working hard enough & that Africans are just lazy, so why should we bother helping them. I absolutely think aid is not the answer, but what this video neglected to do is show us what am I as a Christian American supposed to do. How am I supposed to help people in another country with starting small businesses?

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