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Arthur Holmes, the longtime Wheaton College professor of philosophy who championed the vision that “all truth is God’s truth,” went to be with the Lord this past weekend (October 8, 2011).

On a blog post commenting on his death, two of his colleagues express their gratitude and remembrance:

“Arthur Holmes was a great Christian and a fine philosopher. We Christians who value the life of the mind must thank and praise the Lord for Art and his life, and we must do our best to see that his tradition is carried on and developed.”

—Alvin Plantinga (University of Notre Dame)

“Arthur Holmes was one of the greatest mentors of his generation, calling evangelicals to pursue their love of God not merely with their heart and soul but with their mind. A great many students became academics through his influence. I affirm Al Plantinga’s suggestion that the best way to honor his memory and show gratitude to the Lord for Arthur’s example is to press on with the task of pursuing Truth, and encouraging others to do the same.”

—David Lyle Jeffrey (Wheaton College)

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