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For a quick snapshot of how Jerusalem expanded from the City of David, to the time of Solomon, to the time of Hezekiah, to the time of Nehemiah, to the time of Jesus—this gives a nice overview:

But it’s also helpful to see some reconstructions in 3D. The City of David site has put together a good flyover video from David’s time, and Sephirot has an accurate 3D model of the temple in Jesus’ time.

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9 thoughts on “What Did Jerusalem Look Like in Bible Times?”

  1. Don Sartain says:

    Wow…those videos are amazing, particularly the last two.

  2. I really enjoyed the videos. I’d like to see a video of how they thought that these structures were built in ancient times. Imagine how much man power it took to erect such structures.

  3. Each time I have been to Israel, one of my favorite stops is the huge scaled model of Jerusalem that we visit there. This video is something I am going to share with all my friends who have not been there yet.

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