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6 thoughts on “Tim Keller Talks to Google on the Meaning of Marriage”

  1. Todd Capen says:

    Tremendous. Keller: clarity from and for the heart. Pass this link along to about a hundred people you know.

  2. Andy says:

    Love Tim Keller but disagree when he says that all books on courtship/dating are illegitimate and unscriptural.

  3. Aaron Thomas says:

    As much as I appreciate Tim Keller on whole I can’t recommend this talk. Mr. Keller gives a view of marriage that is only partially Christian from where I sit. Where are the differences between husbands and wives? He hardly even uses the biblical titles and instead uses the androgynous term “partner” as the culture does. There’s nothing of leadership and submission, nothing of displaying the glory of God reflecting Christ’s love for his bride, and almost nothing of children. So much for complimentarianism. Besides that, show me where Jesus was asked if there are reasons for divorce and he just said “yes”. If you believe in biblical grounds for divorce based on Matthew 19 at least somewhat argue for it rather than endorsing divorce and saying there are times when marriages “need to end”. It may some nitpicky but for a lecture that’s supposed to be a Christian view on the meaning of marriage his response was quite sloppy and unhelpful. As a Christian who has already studied the topics mentioned above I think much of what he said in the talk was helpful but it’s not something I would recommend as a Christian representation of marriage.

    1. anon says:

      Consider the venue for the talk, a lunch time lecture to young professionals both Christian and non. I think he did a great job of addressing how the purpose a Christian marriage is, at the core different from other marriages.

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