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9 thoughts on “An Interview with Stephen Meyer on Intelligent Design”

  1. An unfortunate typo in the title (ironic, perhaps?) :0)

  2. Brilliant guy. Seems to be able to talk on almost any subject within the filed of science and apologetics. This was very helpful

  3. Doug Perry says:

    Wow. I agree with Richard. That was brillant. Thanks for posting!

  4. DRT says:

    Several times it was said in the interview that he feels that the debate is shifting in his favor. What is really happening is that most have realized the flaws in ID and have dismissed it, and it is only the fringe that is left so there is very little being published to refute ID. People are not agreeing more. They have realized that those who still adhere to it will not listen to substantial arguments.

    For those who want a credible view, check out

  5. James Rednour says:

    Agree with DRT. ID is yesterday’s news. It’s not science. It isn’t falsifiable. It’s not testable. It makes no predictions. It’s philosophical speculation.

  6. Paul Huxley says:

    Some comments above that come right from the evolutionists’ playbook (all reasonable scientists agree, unspecified flaws, not ‘science’, not testable or falsifiable etc. No comments actually addressing arguments for/against the theory, just claiming it doesn’t belong in ‘science’.

    The theory of evolution for the origin and diversity of life is inherently untestable and makes no predictions for the future. And unless irreducible complexity is treated with respect by evolution’s cheerleaders, evolutionary theory is completely unfalsifiable too.

    1. Doug Perry says:


  7. Daryl Little says:

    Excellent interview. Very informative.

    Here’s the thing, for those promoting Biologos and other non-Christian organizations like it…

    It is impossible to be a Christian and not believe in intelligent design. Impossible.

    To claim that, is to claim that God had nothing to do with creation, and if the Bible teaches anything, it sure doesn’t teach that took over the day-to-day operations of a universe he didn’t create.

    Now, if you’re claiming the lack of evidence for intelligent design, as an atheist, then Romans 1 deals with your argument very well, but at least you’re trying to be consistent in that area.

    Intelligent design may be a philosophy, but it is infinitely more testable and reasonable than naturalistic (or atheistic if you prefer) materialism.

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