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Eric Metaxas, author of a biography of Wilberfoce and the #1 NYT bestseller, Bonhoeffer, recently addressed the National Prayer Breakfast, with his trademark humor sharing his testimony and lessons learned from Bonhoeffer.

As Denny Burk notes, “He had some serious and prophetic words about the humanity of the unborn. He even spoke about having a biblical view of sexuality. All of this with the President sitting just a few feet away. This was a courageous talk delivered with winsomeness and joy.”

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18 thoughts on “Eric Metaxas at the National Prayer Breakfast”

  1. Wow I heard gospel and a strong word on biblical sexuality and the unborn. I am currently reading the bio on Bonhoeffer myself and I am encouraged by Metaxas courage with the President just a few feet away. God was glorified I believe. God bless Metaxas!

  2. Marlon Hollis says:

    Good message and powerful words in support of the unborn. I was a bit troubled by his distinction between religion and faith. Far too many people turn their backs on church or doctrine for some ideal of faith without religion. I don’t think this is what he means: I take him to mean that there is a real difference between false religion (religiosity) and true religion as described in the Bible and throughout church history. However, a careless contrast between terms like “faith” and “religion,” can sound like support for a faith without doctrinal teaching or church.

    Otherwise, he made some very good comments. Not sure why it’s courageous just because the president was sitting there. Was the president going to do something nasty to him if he mentioned support for the unborn in his presence? Was there a danger of the president heckling him, or throwing tomatoes at him, or whatever? Was his safety, life, livelihood, or reputation on the line by speaking next to the president about the unborn? I am not sure why the presence of the President made it more courageous. Welcome, but courageous? He seemed to have a supportive audience at the prayer breakfast. Of course we can’t see the audience to know for sure, I guess. It just seemed odd to say this with no explanation.

  3. Not so sure I heard the gospel in Eric’s speech – Christ crucified for his rebel brothers to raise them home with him to the city without foundations. Jesus was named, but the gospel, at best implied. But that’s okay. I do not see that as a failure of courage in this environment. Good speech but sometime creating fog instead of dissipating it as mentioned above. But courageous in needed ways. Great book too by the way, Bonhoeffer. “I wish B. was Presbyterian,” to quote another funny internet video from this week.

  4. Prophetic says:


    This was the BOLDEST speech I have heard in YEARS!

    And to do so before the CZAR and his fellow CZARS?




  5. denice says:

    not sure if you were at clapham then but he spoke there too and it was phenomenal

  6. Denise says:

    I praise the Lord that our country still focuses on prayer and that God is the only power that can direct us in the way of truth. May we as followers of Christ remember to pray daily for our leaders – our president and the spiritual leaders of our nation.

  7. Donna Savage says:

    I feel that President Obama is speaking the heart of so many of us! Yes, Eric Metaxas was funny and great, but President Obama bares his heart and soul and seems to really try to walk his talk. Shame that so many have been like Satan towards him. Shame on those in our nation for not supporting him with prayer and loving-kindness!

    1. Justine says:

      Surely, Donna, you jest. It takes courage to speak out against antichrist actions.

      1. Donna Savage says:

        No, I didn’t say anything in jest. President Obama clearly stated that he is a Christian and clearly stated that he regularly falls on his knees in searching God for our nation and for himself. He is a brother and Metaxas realises it. Metaxas wasn’t up there with his knees shaking as if he were speaking before the Roman senate who was ready to pounce on him and stone him per the President’s approval. Metaxas has the Christian maturity to know that he is in good company and not above or beneath anyone – even the President. I’m sure he has the maturity to even pray for him regularly. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that he even LIKES the president, probably even loves him as we are commanded to love one another, even those who don’t see things eye to eye with us – even our enemies. Cheers!

  8. James Wilkinson says:

    Did they pray more when the camera wasn’t rolling? Metaxas made a very good point about loving enemies & those with different views. I wonder what Obama thought of Metaxas’ point, our view of abortion comes from how we know Jesus (I don’t remember the exact wording, it’s in the speech). Obama’s talk sounded hollow to me, just a bland campaign speech mixing all faiths & warming up to the tolerant Christians. Wasn’t this NPB set up to thank God for being good to U.S. & to share the Christian faith?

  9. Tim Gilman says:

    Blessed be the Words of the Lord . . .

    1. Mark W says:

      Blessed be, blessed be!

      My family and I wept and cried hallelujah about twenty times during that speech! We wept, we hugged and we praise His glory.

      Finally a man with passion, courage, and faith to move mountains that will confront the rulers of our day the way that Paul did in his day!

  10. Lindsay says:

    There were a lot of great points about grace, faith in action vs. “dead religion,” and loving our enemies. I also really liked how Metaxas mentioned our depravity a few times, once saying “Human beings do not do the right thing apart from God’s intervention.” Amen! Thanks for posting this video, Justin.

  11. Kerwalsky says:

    So glad to see this posted; *great* speech by Metaxas!

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