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A new book out from Michael Haykin, one of the best historians today who does historical scholarship with an eye toward the church: The Reformers and Puritans as Spiritual Mentors (Joshua Press, 2012).

From the introduction:

The idea of models and mentors is central to the contents of this book, the first in a series of studies (there are three currently planned) seeking to help present-day Christians lay hold of a “usable past.” This latter term has become central to an ongoing discussion among historians about the relevance of the past. By employing it, I am signifying my commitment to the concept that the past does indeed have significance for the present and that the historian has a duty to share his historical studies with a public wider than the academic guild of historians and to help non-specialists see the way the light of the past can help illumine the present.

In this collection of essays and lectures—written for a variety of setting and over the period of the last fifteen or so years—I am really seeking to follow a biblical principle that should undergird the Christian study of church history. That principle lies behind the admonition of Hebrews 13:7: “remember your leaders, who spoke the Word of God to you. Pondering carefully the outcome . . . of their way of life, imitate their faith.”

Here is the table of contents for his studies:

  1. The Reformers and Puritans in Their Historical Context: An Introductory Word
  2. “The Father of the English Bible”: William Tyndale
  3. “A Setter-forth of Christ’s Glory”: Remembering the Life and Martyrdom of Thomas Cranmer
  4. “Uttering the Praises of the Father, of the Son, and of the Spirit”: John Calvin on the Holy Trinity
  5. Regeneration and Faith according to Two British Reformed Confessions: John Knox and James Ussher
  6. A Pioneer of Puritan Soul Care: Richard Greenham
  7. “Zeal to Promote the Common Good”: The Story of the King James Bible
  8. “That Secret Refreshment”: The Spirituality of Oliver Cromwell
  9. “The Calvin of England”: John Owen and His Teaching on Biblical Piety
  10. “One Brilliant Shaft of Life”: The Marriage of Richard Baxter and Margaret Charlton
  11. “I Will Pray with the Spirit”: John Bunyan on Prayer and the Holy Spirit
  12. A Concluding Word


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2 thoughts on “The Reformers and Puritans as Spiritual Mentors”

  1. Adam C says:

    Do you know if this book will be made available for Amazon Kindle?

  2. Noel Muscutt says:

    Dr. Haykin is such a great historian and has a unique gift for making history come alive. I have never met any other man who convey the work of God’s spirit in saints of the past so as to instill such a great confidence in God the way that he does.

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