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Given the influence of Charles Spurgeon’s preaching and gospelcentric theology, I’m surprised there aren’t more books on him.

Reformation Trust has now published a new introduction that looks very helpful: Steve Lawson’s The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeonophile Phil Johnson writes:

I own at least three dozen different biographies of the prince of preachers, but Steve Lawson’s new book on Charles Spurgeon will from now on have a key place of prominence in my short list of favorites. Dr. Lawson understands what made the great preacher’s heart beat: it was the gospel, charged with a passion for the souls of lost people and kept steady by the doctrines of grace.

You can preview it below:

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2 thoughts on “The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon”

  1. Lawson gave an excellent and passionate presentation on Spurgeon (somewhat of a synopsis of this book) at the Shepherds’ Conference a few weeks ago. You can download that message here.

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