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Anthony Parisi, writing at the White Horse Inn, provides an answer.

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2 thoughts on “Can Flannery O’Connor Help Us to View the “Blue Like Jazz” Film?”

  1. donsands says:

    Good thoughts. I was watching “Captains Courageous” with my grandson the other night, and I was very moved in many ways by this Classic film, and story. The theology is way off, but I left that on the shelf and enjoyed this great work of art and film making. Spencer Tracy is magnificient, as is Lionel Barrymore. And the child actor, Freddie Bartholomew was excellent. For 1937 this was incredible the film taking of the ships in the ocean. Breath taking.

    Though, I feel like this particular movie: Blue Like Jazz, is not for me. Just figuring it would leave me wanting for sure.

  2. Mike Lynch says:

    I’m not that familiar with Blue Like Jazz, but I’ve be reading a little about it here and there and finding some (and I stress some) connection to the emergent church. “Connection” may be misleading so I just want to give a call to discernment.

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