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The other day Lecrae wrote: “This is one of my fav albums of 2012 that you haven’t heard.”

Owen Strachan has a substantial review of the album here. He concludes:

The Good Life showcases a rapper in full command of his flow, his beats, and his message. It has several tracks to wake the neighbors up if need be; young Mr. Barefield knows how to bang, in other words. Much of the album, though, is more mellow and contemplative. The cinematic sound meshes elegantly with Trip’s smooth style, causing me to play the album many times more than I needed to review it. His lyrics are clear, understandable, and robustly biblical. As he continues to build his audience, he will likely explore different rhyme patterns and concepts in building off of this strong effort.

The Good Life offers a rich spirituality of pleasure, one grounded in a great and saving God. It is an edifying and enjoyable album, one that will bless listeners of all ages and backgrounds. Parents looking for excellent rap can fully trust and give this CD to their kids; believers trying to mature in Christ can find a rich presentation of Godward pleasure; and the aforementioned pastor who buys this album “for the kids” will find abundant reasons to “slip out to the grocery store” in order to put the windows down, turn the speakers up, and shake the back window of the car.

Yes, the rappers have taken over. The minivans, my friends, have much to fear.


I’m Good and Robot

You can read the whole review here.

At Trip’s blog you can read an explanation of the title track: “I’m Good Explained.” He walks through some of the lyrics, showing that this song is “an anthem that communicated our security in Christ. I wanted to encourage Christians to stop living in fear and start living in Romans 8.”

Trip and Lecrae did a video together for Voice of the Martyrs using the song “I’m Good” to raise awareness about the persecuted church:

For those who want to learn more about Trip Lee—his background, music, and vision for the future—I have done interviews with him here and here.

Tim Challies has a new interview with Trip here.

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3 thoughts on “A Review of Trip Lee’s New Album, “The Good Life””

  1. Nick Kastner says:

    I didn’t realize his new album was out. All these guys in the modern Christian rap circuit are awesome and 100% bring the Word. Great review, I’ll have to pick this up!

  2. Agreed, Nick! Praise God for Trip. He’s a real blessing. I think this album looks like it will be as good as 20/20. Very excited!

  3. We LOVE Trip. Bump his stuff constantly at the youth events. So great to have some serious gospel hip-hop out there!!!

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