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9 thoughts on “T4G Breakout Sessions: Audio”

  1. Aaron Britton says:

    Why did we take down the Dever clip on church growth? Was it too direct on Osteen? I think that’s a really good clip and a helpful on for people pastoring in areas where the “soil” is hard. . urban, poorer, areas. . .areas greatly influenced by another religion (Utah) , etc. . . What a great clip.


  2. Ken Millington says:

    Justin, why did you take down the Dever clip? Why no explanation? You had quite a bit to say about it, and took the time to post that video. Who influenced you or ordered you to take it down?

  3. Caleb B says:

    I’m also curious about the video being taken down…I thought it was great, I have no idea what motivation there would be to take it down

    1. Justin Taylor says:

      I’ll explain soon.

      1. Caleb B says:

        Thanks JT!

  4. TJ Smith says:

    I heard that there was a session on contextualization but don’t see it anywhere. Was there a session on it? Thanks.

  5. Tracy Irvin says:

    Will the pastor’s wive’s audio become available?

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