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5 thoughts on “Bible Interpretation for Dummies Like You and Me”

  1. Brian Hammonds says:

    This could be the greatest book ever…but the tone is not admirable. “Did Jesus really expect us to be able to understand His word without formal education?” If you’re basing you’re interpretation on READING the text rather than hearing the word spoken only (i.e., you’re not illiterate), then SOME formal education is indeed required.

  2. Steve Webb says:

    The point being made in the video, and the point of the book is that a formal *seminary* education should not be needed in order to interpret the Bible.

    I agree, and applaud the author for attempting to bring the Word closer to Everyman.

  3. This strikes me as anti-intellectual. This is the classic vice of sloth. God gave us a brain and scripture implores us to use our minds to love and glorify God. Our culture is at an all time low in Biblical literacy. Judging by the video, I do not believe that the premise of this book is either right or good.

    1. William, the book isn’t anti-intellectual—it’s a reminder that biblical interpretation isn’t an ivory tower pursuit. Allen writes on p. 93:

      “[E]ducation isn’t bad. I encourage you to pursue it if you can. It will make a huge difference in helping you to interpret Scripture. I’m not calling for picket lines in front the local Bible college. If you feel called to that kind of education, go! But if you can’t go, may you grow to read, interpret, and apply God’s Word rightly, for if you are a Christian there is nothing standing in your way.”

      The book is quite good and helpful overall; I wrote a review of it over at my blog if you want to get a short take on it (click through on my name since I don’t want to hijack the thread).

  4. David says:

    Thanks, Justin! I’m excited to read this.

    FYI – The per page cost here is less than a penny (FOR US)! That’s a major gift, knowing how hard our brothers work to gather, organize, and synthesize their information into good arguments and teachings.

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