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Jason Meyer’s letter of acceptance—along with a letter from his wife, Cara—to the people of Bethlehem Baptist Church, after the vote (784-8) to call him as associate pastor for preaching and vision.

Here is the letter from John Piper that was read to the congregation, and Piper’s response after the vote—along with a journal entry of praise to God for his faithfulness to his church.

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4 thoughts on “Passing the Pastoral Baton Well”

  1. donsands says:

    Wow. That was such a blessing, and an encouragement, to read John Piper’s letter. To follow in his footsteps is quite a huge ordeal, and yet he himself makes it so it’s not so huge. He focuses on a sovereign Savior, and God.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    I know I will be hearing from Jason Meyer in the future, as our Lord fills him with His truth and grace and Spirit, so he can serve and feed His sheep and lambs.

  2. m .b. woodside says:

    8 people voted no. After a massive effort, well publicized search process, after Piper giving Meyer his endorsement, after all this, there are still 8 that vote no. I understand how church votes go and it’s rarely unanimous, but it just strikes me as interesting that there are still those that feel compelled to voice a dissenting vote. Who knows maybe those 8 see something the others don’t or maybe they are just being cautious? In any case, Lord’s blessings on the Bethlehem in the days to come.

    1. MIke says:

      m .b. woodside,
      To have 8 of 792 Baptist vote no is an true act of God. I think this demonstrates the significantly strong unification of Bethlehem. As a Baptist, seeing a teaching pastor voted in at such a high number is almost unheard of.

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