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3 thoughts on “What’s Up with Melchizedek?”

  1. Stefan says:

    Great message, although I would have liked treatment on the Lord saying to my Lord in which he answers the objections of non-Trinitarians who say the second Lord is not a title for divinity (a human ruler), so literally it is “YHWH says to my Master”, meaning the Messiah doesn’t have to be God. And then how does Jesus’ quote in Matt fit in with this…

    1. MarkO says:

      I wrestled with that question too (not cause I doubt the deity of Messiah) so as to have a reasoned answer.

      For me the key was in the phrase “at my right hand.” I learned that it is not an expression which means Messiah is YHWH’s second in charge, but it is an expression of co-regency (equal authority and power). In other words, on the dais of the throne resides the absolute divine sovereignty both the Father and the Son.

      Also, I think that Ps 110 in connection with Daniel 7:13-14 is quite a powerful case for the deity of Messiah.

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