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Growing Up Wild: Encouraging Kids to Live for God’s Global Glory

A entertaining, educational, and edifying DVD video series from missionaries designed to help kids catch a vision for global missions.

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Biological Disposition toward Homosexuality—and Other Sins

David Powlison thinks through what it might mean for us to find a biological disposition toward homosexual—and heterosexual—lust.

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Date Your Wife

A book trailer for Justin Buzzard’s new book.

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Horton on Union with Christ

CBD is having a sale for 80% off.

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Dictionary of the Old Testament Prophets: 72-Hour Sale

WTS Books has the first copies of this new dictionary at 50% off, or 60% off two or more copies. This is the capstone publication of a landmark resource series, which I have used with much profit.

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Passing the Pastoral Baton Well

Correspondence from John Piper and Jason Meyer as the pastoral baton is passed.

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Alvin Plantinga’s Apologetics for Dummies

One of my favorite reviewers on a new apologetics books.

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Three Forthcoming Books from InterVarsity Press

New books from Kelly Kapic, David Peterson, and Michael Reeves—on being a theologian, the new covenant, and delighting in the Trinity.

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“Then You Shouldn’t Do It At All”

What Michael Hyatt said to a major publishing CEO who wanted a ghostwritten blog.

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The PCA Study Committee Report on Translating “Son of God” in Muslim Contexts

The first installment of the Study Committee’s proposed report on issues related to the Insider Movement.

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Carl Trueman Interviews J. I. Packer

A 15-minute interview with the great contemporary theologian.

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Classical School Reading List: Grades 1-8

Recommended reading for grades 1-8, in one free printable document with links and a place to check off which ones you have.

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Alan Jacobs on How to Read a Book

A recommended new essay, available online for free.

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A Major New Defense of a More Biblical Way than Dispensationalism or Covenant Theology

A major new work coming out soon may change the conversation and shift some paradigms as we think about a biblical theology of the covenants.

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A Classical Christian School’s Reading List: 6th-8th Grades

A list of recommended literature and history books for the middle school years.

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