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A couple of years ago Justin Holcomb had an hourlong conversation with Paul Tripp at the Resurgence:

Here’s an outline:


Tripp’s background: 0:20-1:15

Daily drive for the Gospel: 1:15-2:45

Scholar, counselor, pastor: 2:45-3:44

The relationship between law and grace: 3:44-7:00

Marriage and the Gospel

Law, Gospel, and marriage: 7:00-9:45

The power of worship in marriage: 9:45-13:04

Our hope in a broken marriage: 13:04-14:15

Flawed dating expectations: 14:15-17:40

The importance of a lifestyle of repentance and forgiveness: 17:40-19:12

Why we get angry with our spouses: 19:12-20:25

Parenting in Grace

Parenting in faith: 20:25-25:08

How to discipline children through the Gospel: 25:08-32:00

Having sexuality conversations with your children: 32:00-37:55

People Can Change

What happens with pornography in marriage: 37:55-43:57

Can people really change? 43:57-48:08

Grace is a process, not an event: 48:08-55:06

Encouragement for ministry work: 55:06-59:00

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2 thoughts on “An Hourlong Conversation with Paul Tripp”

  1. Madison10 says:

    Good interview. I have heard of Dr. Tripp, but didn’t know that much about him. I was hoping Justin would ask him what it was like playing Commissioner Gordon.

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