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Francis Chan explains the need and the vision of getting the new Global Study Bible into the hands of Christian leaders and believers around the world:

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6 thoughts on “The Global Study Bible”

  1. MarkO says:

    Wondering if it is only available in English (ESV) or will it be available in other trade languages?

    1. Ted Cockle says:


      Great question! Part of our vision does include translation of the notes, and we are certainly working to that end.

      At present, however, the notes have been written to be highly accessible to the millions worldwide who speak English as a second language and yet find themselves without Scripture and/or resources on Scripture. We are working with Bible societies throughout the world to get these people God’s Word and meet the demand that they are getting for such a Bible. The opportunity is pretty exciting to think about!

      Ted Cockle
      Crossway/ESV Marketing Team

      1. Dave says:

        What fraction of the world BOTH can read English and has no access to any Bible?

        This is also about 10 times as expensive as the ESV economy edition if you’re looking to get information out there.

        Just not seeing the purpose of this.

        1. Ted says:


          To start, thanks for your questions—ultimately, we recognize the fact that the Global Study Bible won’t be the best fit for everyone, but for many looking for a more affordable, more compact study Bible, as well as a resource that applies Scripture to an international context, we feel this will be a helpful resource.

          As for your questions on demand and cost, as I’ve mentioned, we are working with Bible societies across the globe who are getting requests not just for Bibles, but sound theological resources as well. Our goal with the Global Study Bible is to meet both needs in one resource and make it as accessible as possible in both print and digital forms.

          I hope this helps answer your questions.

          Ted Cockle
          Crossway/ESV Marketing Team

  2. Richard says:

    We NEED another study Bible? Do we?

  3. Jason Falck says:

    Although I applaud the concept and appreciate the fact that you are assembling in this Bible theological perspectives of that come from beyond N. America and Europe, I almost deplore the marketing.

    If I watch the video, I am led to draw the conclusion that this Bible will somehow reach millions of Chinese people, and also third world villagers, even an adorable crippled girl with a leg brace. I highly doubt that these third world people can even read, nor have access to the internet, nor speak English. Yet the marketing department must know that if I see something that tugs on my heart strings, I’ll be more like to buy or give. Come on! You can do better.

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